definition of Land in economics:

According to economist Marshall “Land means all the natural resources such as light, air, fire, water used for the welfare of humans and are the free gift of nature”. So in simple words we can say that all of the natural gifts provided through the land are included in land.

Characteristics of the Land:

Following are the few features of the land:

Free Gift of Nature:

Land is a free gift of nature so there is no cost for it production.

Difference in Fertility:

Lands are different in fertility. More fertile land can produce more goods as compared to the land which is less fertile.

Limited Supply:

Land has a limited supply because man cannot change the size of the earth.

Lack of Geographical Mobility:

Land cannot be moved from one place to another place.

Undisruptive Ability:

The productive capacity of the land can be decreased but cannot be destroyed completely.

Difference in Value:

Lands close to the road and market are of more value than the land far away.

Importance of the Land:

Importance of the land can be discussed as under:

Food Production:

The major benefit of the land is that it is used as the production of the food.

Means of Transportation:

Land is also used as the source of the transportation such as roads, rail etc.

Housing Facility:

The most important benefit of the land is that it is used to build houses for living purpose.

Factors affecting the Productivity of Land:

Following are the few factors which cause the productivity of land to change:

Natural factors:

Defined as follows:

Physical Characteristics:

The land which is less fertile will produces less amount of food as compared to the land which is more fertile.


Heavy rainfall also affects the productivity of the land.

Climate Changes:

Bad climate over the production area such as farms will cause a bad effect on the production of the food.

Human Facts:

Humans are producing a lot of pollution by factories which can also cause a bad effect on the productivity of the land.

Advanced Technology:

The use of advanced technology will increase the productivity of land.

Water Logging;

Water logging and salinity in water may make the land unproductive.

Means of Transportation:

Better means of transportation can also increase the productivity of the land.


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