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Insert formated table

In this chapter we learn how to design a formated table.How to change the background of the table? According to our requirments.

This chapter has two parts

  • Insert formated table.
  • Change the background of table.

Our first topic is how to insert formated table mean multiple rows in design view so lets start with our first topic

Insert formatd table:

In this topic we learn how to make table in design view.Actully tables are used to design and format the text on webpages. Tables helps to ensure that alignement of text written, is as per requirements.Its time to learn about formated table, formated table mean diffrent backgrounds in the diffrent parts of table.The default background color is white which may not be suitable for the contents of webpage. It might be possible the contents of webpage requires different parts of webpage to have differnet background colors.

If you want to insert the cell space on the table or you want to insert cell pading then insert the cell pading and cell sapcing tag also.See the code carefully.

Complete syntax along with explanation of terms is shown below.


    <title>OUR FIRST WEB PAGE</title>

    <table width="545" border="2" cellpadding="10" cellspacing="10">
    <td width="302" height="67" bgcolor="#FF6666">you first cell content</td>
    <td width="94" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">you first cell content</td>
    <td width="125" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">you first cell content</td>
    <td height="112" bgcolor="#FFFFFF">you first cell content</td>
    <td bgcolor="#FFFFFF">you first cell content</td>
    <td bgcolor="#99CC66"><a href="your link">you first cell content</a></td>

bgcolor: shows the color of body (background).

border: shows the border of table.

cellpadding: show padding of cell of table.

cellspacing: shows space between cells.


If you want to insert link or image in the table then insert image and links tag also.

    Browser view


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