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Insert Email Code

In this chapter we will learn to insert Email code that will open the messenger of email (say, outlook, msn, yahoo) when clicked on email text or button link. This link or button facilitates the visitors to send us email. A Default subject and Default body information of email can be preset.

Email code:

For the Email code hypertext used is "mailto:". Lets insert the email link, the code for which is given below.

Now lets insert the email link with defaulf subject. The code is as follows:

     <a href="mailto:your email @your default subject">CONTACT US BY SENDING US EMAIL </a>

    Browser view


IF you want to place email code in the button insert of hypertext. Use button tag

Now lets insert an email code link with "default subject" and the "body information" using buttons instead of hypertext.

     <a href="mailto:your email @your default subject&body=there you can write eany thing as a default"><button>CONTACT US BY SENDING US EMAIL</button> </a>

    Browser view 


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