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HTML Meta Tags

In this chapter we will learn to insert the html meta tags. We will also learn the function and usage of meta tags. Lastly we will learn to insert data on meta tag.

Html Meta Tag:

Html meta tag is used by search engines to rank you webpages on the search engine. People normally visit the pages that are ranked at top as the search enging finishes its search. All search engines like Google, Bing will rank the pages higher which have meta tags similar to the words written in search enignes.

There are many type of meta tags each having its own function. However we will learn the most important three tags;

  • Content meta tag
  • Keyword meta tag
  • description meta tag

Lets start with Content meta tag


Meta tags are only visible to search engines or to web developers. These are hidden to visitors.

Content meta tag:

Content meta tag is used for our contents. We write our contents name in this to tell the search engines that this page has following contents. For this first of all we must know the syntax of html content meta tag

     <meta name="content" content="your content according to your page">

Keyword meta tag:

keyword meta tag is used for our web page. google (search engines) search our website with our keywords.write the kewords carefully and relative to your web page. keyword tag is most important in your web page must remember to write this tag if you want to poular your web site . lets learn the syntax of meta tags see below,

     <meta name="keywords" content="your kewords accourding to your page">

Description meta tag:

when you search some thing on the internet, you see there one or two lines are written after every website link to tell the visitor this page tells you what and what (small discription about your web page). know you easily understand what is description and why we use discription tag .In the simple words description tag is used to tell the visitor about small impresive information for our web page.

Lets see the syntax of description of html description meta tags

     <meta name="description" content="your web page description ">

Let we make a web page of games and then we write tags show below in the code see carefully because its the example.


Meta tags are not shown on the browser these are the hidden tags this is the helpings tags for the browser

    <title>OUR FIRST WEB PAGE</title>
    <meta name="content" content="pc games,mobile games,etc,etc">
    <meta name="keywords" content="All games,pc games,cheates of games,xbox games">
    <meta name="description" content="In this website you can download free games and cheates of games easily without trouble ">

    Browser view


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