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HTML lessons are prepared keeping in view the important fact that HTML is the language of “TAGS”. Websites can be prepared using HTML if you have the application knowledge of “Tags”. Therefore, the unique features of these lessons are

     The division of lessons is made keeping in mind a logical learning sequence of beginner, intermediate to advance i.e. the lesson starts with a basic concept which is then explained up to advance level.
  • Each lesson comprises of  
    • The knowledge of either single or group of tags. The purpose, functionality and usage are explained in detail for the selected tag(s).

    • Syntax for each tag is shown separately (under blocks) for enhanced understanding

    • A complete syntax is given at the end of each lesson.

    • A snap of “How it looks like in browser” is given so that the purpose and usage can clearly be understood.

A “Live View” is also provided for further clarification of concept.

Above mentioned is a very simplistic approach for learning HTML step by step.  Continue learning here


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