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“Guidance portal primarily focus on spreading free knowledge, guidance and understanding so that one may, without confusing in conceptual technicalities or memorizing a lot by heart, be able to apply the knowledge in the practical situations. Thus simple language and step by step (from easiest to hardest concept) along with numerous examples, approach is used while preparing this portal of guidance. Students, who are studying for passing their grades as well as persons interested to apply knowledge in a particular situation they have encountered in practical life, will both find guidance portal equally useful.

Currently, for your ultimate knowledge and guidance experience, we offer:

Principles of Macro and Micro Economics

Economics is the study of the human behavior in relation to satisfaction of Economics imagewants and needs using limited resources, and deals with the production, consumption and distribution of wealth. Tutorial notes on principles of micro economics and macro economics are explained in easy to understand language. Complex concepts of economics are breaked down into various short components for better guidance... Further Guidance

Business Finance Decisions

In business, the term finance stands for “money i.e. dollars or whatever unit of currency”.Business Finance Decisions Finance is, in fact, life blood for all the activities of a business. This best can be elaborated with an example. Imagine you have discovered a new food recipe which is extremely delicious and largely accepted among people. You decided to open restaurant to make this food recipe as your new profitable business. How will you start? Definitely you will need money (dollars) to buy premises, renovate it and advertise about it so that people will start visiting...Further Guidance

Financial Statement Analysis

Extracting the particular information from financial statements requires the skills financial-analysisthus the knowledge of “Financial Statement Analysis” comes into play. In my opinion every person should have basic ideas of interpreting financial statements since everyone is in interaction with organizations either in the form of shareholder, lender of money to companies or (in the most obvious form of) being an employee.... Further Guidance

How to make complete website

Making website is a serious matter; it is not only a website but in fact is your business. Make website For Free Before starting you must have a clear plan of what you want to do (what is the goal you want to achieve and what will be the steps to achieve the goal). Most people find planning a complex process; therefore, in my opinion,the cycle shown below is a complete guidance that will give you ideas to build a successful website... Further Guidance


HTML lessons are prepared keeping in view the important fact that HTML5 HTML is the language of “TAGS”. Websites can be prepared using HTML if you have the application knowledge of “Tags”. Therefore, the unique features of these lessons is the division that has been made keeping in mind a logical learning sequence of beginner, intermediate to advance i.e. the lesson starts with a basic concept which is then explained up to advance level.....Further Guidance


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