Choosing keywords:

Keywords is more relevant to search engine optimization, however the purpose of writing about keywords here is to emphasize their importance and relationship with website designing & building.

  • What are keywords?
  • How to use keywords in your web pages?
  • How to choose best keywords?
  • How many keywords to be used in web pages?

What are keywords?

People search on internet (obviously by typing in search engines) certain words of their query. For example a person interested in shoes will type shoes in the search engine. Thus shoes is a keyword that will be searched by the engine and list the website that best meet that result. Therefore we can say that keywords are doors to the website.

While writing the content for site, the best practice is to be readers oriented and not the keywords oriented. However keywords serves the planning of whole website contents since keywords shed light on the pattern of readers thinking. Therefore for your web content, keywords can be a very good planning tool.

Keywords are placed on the head section of your HTML page in Meta tag.<Meta name=”keywords” content=”you write keyword there” />

How to use keywords in your web pages?

Possible ways of using keywords in your web pages are

  1. For planning i.e. your particular web page even your entire web site content can be keyword centric. In essence keywords can be used as a threshold to keep your focus. While writing it is very easy to go beyond the particular topic you are writing for; thus keywords help to "do not astray" from particular topic.
  2. Keywords are helpful in achieving SEO rankings. Once keywords were leading factor in search engines' algorithms for ranking websites however increasing abuse of keywords forced search engines to change their technique. Today keywords play an important role in achieving SEO rankings but it is not obvious to what extent.

How to choose best keywords?

There are two ways to choose best keywords

  1. Paid: Some companies / organization have specialized in keywords. They have huge database of keywords and they normally provide access to that database through a paid software. This method of choosing keywords is expensive but has advantage of enjoying the professionalism / specialization. These companies through their software provide the best suite of keywords of your requirement.
  2. Free: For example google adwords is a free tool to choose and plan keywords. Although in this method no financial resources are required to be spent however taking full advantage of such tools require a reasonable understanding and skill which normally comes with experience. Thus risk is that you might not be able to take full advantage like a professional can.

Choose only "specific" keywords which are relevant to your website or website content. Choosing "General" or "Vague" keywords can be harmful in the sense that you might not be able to plan better or your visitors might find the site too general.

How many keywords to be used in web pages?

In Meta data use Three to Five keywords. Such keywords should be related to web page content and should be different from one web page to other. However one or two keywords can be repeated in more than one page.

Further keywords should be used in the webpage content as well. The normal practice is five to eight times however it depends on SEO rankings. You must experiment with more or less keywords and see how it responds.


Search engines generally give more weight to the first 150 to 200 words within a page. Make sure that your content keywords are on the top of the page.


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