Guidance about Domain Name:

A careful consideration for selecting the best domain name for your website requires answering the following questions.

  • What does the “domain name” mean? (Function)
  • Does the “good and relevant” domain name affect my website?
  • What does the “length” of domain name should be?
  • Does domain name reflect the contents of my website?

What does the “domain name” mean? (Function)

Domain name is the name of your website. By entering this name people find your website on internet for example www. yourdomainname .com.
In my website, “guidanceportal” is the domain name of website and the “.com” is the extension.
Domain name could also be seen as the address of your website on the World Wide Web (WWW). There are several types of extensions like,
.com                   .net
.org                   .biz
.us                    .info


We suggest you to use “.com” as it is commonly used and people are more familiar and used to with it.

Does the “good and relevant” domain name affect my website? (Tips)

Yes “Domain Name” does matter. It is the basic address and to some extent profile impression of your website. Choosing, therefore, difficult to spell or hard to remember domain name could affect the traffic level for your website. Further domain name should have a reflection of the contents of your website since this will help people to develop expectation of what they are going to read on the website.

What does the “length” of domain name should be? (Should it be easy to spell)

The domain name must be easy to remember and between five to fifteen characters for example our website domain name is guidanceportal having total characters of 14. Guidance portal is also any easy to remember (people are not required to make extra effort for memorizing it). Just for another example what in your opinion would be easy to remember:

  • Guidanceportal or
  • Otolaryngology

What is your opinion?


Try to make your domain name as shorter as possible. Make your domain name between 5 to 15 characters (a best limit). Your domain name must be easy for people to spell.

Does domain name reflect the contents of my website?

Domain name, reflecting the contents of website, is a bit debatable. It is quite possible for you to start a website with a domain name and after a few years that domain name automatically becomes the reflection of certain concept for example, what comes in your mind when you hear the word “FACEBOOK” or “WIKIPEDIA”? A few years ago, these words might have no meaning at all but now these are representing something.

Therefore it is up to you whether to choose the words that reflect the contents of your website or choose a new name and (hopefully) make it a symbol of certain meaning in future. Decide what you think could be a best strategy for you. I will end this with one example.

Suppose your website contents are about “Accounting”, then an approach could be to choose a domain name which includes the word “accounting” in it, say, “”. The word accounting will straight forward give people the impression about the website being accounting related. The other approach could be using a more subtle name, say, ACCPEDIA.COM and hoping to get this name recognized as the biggest resource of accounting knowledge.


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