Guidance about how to choose best webhost:

Having decided the domain name, it’s time to purchase a domain name for your website. Now question is how to choose webhost? Many websites offering web hosting services, makes the decision of choosing the best webhost difficult (especially for beginners). While making such decision, one of the most important factors is the reliability of the webhost.

From our experience we can suggest some names who provide best & reliable webhosting services.


Cosmo town


Name cheap

A word of suggestion

The idea that purchasing an expensive webhosting service will be more reliable and beneficial is not always true. Identify the purpose of your website and then make a cost benefit analysis. Cost benefit analysis will give a clear picture of which webhosting service to buy under what budget.

Cost benefit analysis include such things like

  • The purpose you want to achieve through your website e.g. a website offering live streaming of videos might need to purchase more bandwidth as well as storage space as compared to a site which only offers text based information.
  • Financial resources i.e. budget. How much resources you have to spend. The idea is to make a good balance between the benefit and resources spend. However some times scarcity of resources becomes bottleneck for achieving the optimization in cost & benefit.
  • While considering the costs always keep in mind the cost of developing the website and cost of maintaining the website besides the first time costs of purchasing the domain name and website hosting services.

Purchasing expensive websites do not automatically give them higher SEO rating, instead it is your effort that enables higher SEO ratings.

The next step is to design website. In my opinion you should start this step before purchasing the domain name and webhosting services.


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