Website submission:

After making the website live by uploading the content on host's server, it is time to tell the search engines that "Hey search engine! This is our website and you should search and rank this as well." You can do this by submitting your site to search engines.

Site can be submitted to search engines by sending them your website URLs. It’s highly recommended that to submit your URL’s manually. Create a site map and submit it using webmasters tool. All techniques and links are given below for your help to submit your website URL’s.

Google search engine:

Google is most common search engine thus it is wise to start submitting site to Google for better traffic. Add our website to Google or submit your website sitemap to Google webmaster.
Click on this link to add your website URL on Google.
Click on this link if you want to submit your website using Google webmaster tool.

Bing search engine:

Bing search engine is also popular like Google it is on second number after Google, so our website must also be ranked on Bing for better traffic results. Add our website to Bing or submit your website sitemap to Bing webmaster.
Click on this link to add your website URL on Bing.
Click on this link if you want to submit your website using Bing webmaster tool.

Yahoo search engine:

Yahoo search engine is also useful, it’s also popular if Bing search your website then yahoo also search your website because yahoo takes results from Bing.
There are also some other search engine that is used to search results but mostly search engine takes result from Bing and Google. Make your website best on Google and Bing for best traffic results.


Your website must be shown on these search engine for a better ranking. i.e. Google, Bing and Yahoo.


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