Build your website: (Tips)

Development of website should be started simultaneously while purchasing the webhosting services. The options for building website include

  • By yourself (developing and desgning website require certaind skills (learn html for this purpose). This is a cheaper way to produce the website. However the risk is that you might not be as competent as a professional web develper could be.
  • Contact a professional web designer and ask him to build the website and in return he may ask charge a fee.

In my opinion for simple websites it could be better to learn HTML and build the website by yourself. If you have decided to build website by yourself, following working tips will be helpful for you.

  1. Keep your design initially simple e.g. header, main body, sidebar for navigation and footer is a good design to start. The simple design will help you to work easily and with reduced number of errors.
  2. Color scheme and font style is very important for design of website. Keep in mind the colors that could be irritating to the visitors e.g. if your site is providing text information which will be read by the visitors then color scheme should be one that facilitate the reading. Best option is a contrast background color with font color e.g. Medium Blue background with Dark Black font.
  3. Using images is good choice however should be used cautiously because they can create a problem in design.

You can find numerous books on webdesigning that can provide your further ideas of designing and building website. Also, introduction of user friendly softwares like Adobe Dreamweaver has made the buliding and designing of website much easier as you dont need to learn the HTML coding (in depth !!) for develpment of websites. You can download the trial version of adobe Dreamweaver here.


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