How to Make a Complete Website:

Making website is a serious matter; it is not only a website but in fact is your business. Before starting you must have a clear plan of what you want to do (what is the goal you want to achieve and what will be the steps to achieve the goal). Most people find planning a complex process; therefore, in my opinion, the cycle shown below is a complete guidance that will give you ideas to build a successful website.



Guidance about Domain Name:

Domain name is the name of your website. By entering this name people find your website on internet for example www. yourdomainname .com.
In my website, “guidanceportal” is the domain name of website and the “.com” is the extension.
Domain name could also be seen as the address of your website on the World Wide Web (WWW). There are several types of extensions like, read more

Guidance about Choosing Best Webhost:

After carefully considering and selecting a domain name then it’s time to purchase that domain name of your website from a webhost. Now question is to choose best webhost, people find it difficult to choose best webhost for their website since too many webhosts are providing their services at the moment. Most important things to consider are reliability of webhost and capacity of the webhost. Based on experience we have suggested some best webhosting sites that could be reliable and best for you read more

Guidance about Building Website:

After choosing and purchasing your domain, now you are ready to design (build) website. If you have skills (e.g. html knowledge etc) of programming websites then design the website by yourself, otherwise learn html or contact website builder to make your website.
While designing your websites, don’t forget these tips  read more

Guidance about Choosing Ranked Keywords:

Choosing right keywords for your website is very critical for getting traffic and improving your search engine optimization (SEO). Following questions should be answered while choosing right and useful keywords.

What are keywords?

Keywords, one of the most important elements of your website, are “specific” words that help visitors in finding your website on internet. As an example for understanding we may say if website is a house then Keywords are the doors to that house. As doors are the ways to enter the house, similarly keywords are the paths on internet that lead the traffic to your website.
Keywords are placed on the head section of your html page in Meta tag. <Meta name=”keywords” content=”you write keyword there” /> read more

Guidance about Uploading Contents:

Uploading the contents of your website in normally done by software programs; a plenty of such software are available to upload and download files on your host/server. The protocol used is ftp (file transfer protocol). Our recommendation is to use “File Zilla” to upload and download files from your server which is totally free and easy to use. Click here to download client version of “File Zilla”.   read more

Guidance about Submitting Site to Search Engines:

After completing the websites contents and uploading them on internet it is time get our site recognized by search engines (so that search engines know about the existence of our website and start searching our site). There are hundreds of search engines but the most common and famous search engines are GOOGLE, BING and YAHOO. It’s highly recommended to submit your URL’s manually. If you have capability of making a site map for your website, then create a site map and submit it using webmaster tool. Below mentioned techniques and links are given for your help to submit your website URL’s.

Google search engine:

World widely Google is used to search the requirements, so our website must more

Guidance about Improving Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

In my opinion, perhaps the most difficult step from all of the listed topics is search engine optimization. Following things should be considered for best and successful SEO results.

  • Make your keywords best and topic relevant.
  • Write a two lines description that contain your webpage keywords.
  • Post your site to the blogs and other website that enables you to write a comment.
  • Spread your website links through social media. ….read more


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