How to upload files (contents):

For making your site live, it must be uploaded on the server of your web host form whom you have purchaed web hosting services. There are several types of softwares that can be used to upload files on your host's server. The protocol used for this purpose is FTP (file transfer protocol). Our recommendations are to use File Zilla to upload files to your server. File Zilla is a free software and easy to use. Click here to download client version of file zilla.

How to use Fille Zilla:

First of all open file zila software and then how to upload website click on menu which is placed on top and then click on site manager, or simply press ctrl+s to open site manager.

Click on new site button, you will see the form that contains following:
Host: your website name
Server type: type of server
User name: your user name
Password: your website password
After filling the form click on connect button to view your server files for your website.

If you see the directory listing successful its mean you have successfully connected to the server.

You will see two types of blocks, on right hand side server files and on the left hand side local files as shown below in the image. Sever files are thoes that are already uploaded on the server and are live. Local files are thoes that have created recently and are required to be uploaded on to upload webiste


  • Now the last step is to upload files, right click on the files from local file area and then press upload files. When you see that directory listing is successful then its mean your files are successfully uploaded on server.

A more direct way of connecting to the server is by typing your website name, username, and your password directly on the bar provided in the File Zilla. See the image below for further understanding.


how to upload website


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